Hey yas,

Fluffngreen (which means…well…fluff n green^^)…you maybe think “What the hell is that?!?”, but here’s a short explanation:

Once upon our time there was a…sheep…green…well…made of felt! 🙂 I got it as a present from my cousin, her husband and their kids (Julian and Rosalie) – thanks for that again 😉 -…a little, light, fluffy one…and it got immediately loved!

How good is it that this new felt-sheep finds himself in good company, because my stuffed toy-sheep (Georgy) will be my travel mate for all upcoming adventures as well. Georgy will be my topmodel for a couple of pictures whenever I asked him to.

Sheep are cool anyway! And as a Wannabe-Farmer it already had been a special pleasure for me to do mustering and drafting sheep in the Australian Outback…not one, not two, but hundreds sheep …ugh what I´m saying…even thousands of them 😀

Sheep are wooly…so kind of fluffy…by accident this sheep is green (and not as it is supposed to be white)… and sheep live on green grass…that’s what they supposed to do.

Not always they are doing that.

In Australia, which is also called “The Red Planet”, they sometimes miss the green grass. They are happy though… And expensive…

But enough of that maaaaah 😉

Thats my blog which will keep you updated with all of our past and present adventures. You can read them, comment on them, have a look on the photos or also contact me.

and if ya wanna, become a sheep fan.

So let´s get fluffy, and let the travels and adventures begin 🙂



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